Urban Cannibals

Given the sometimes crazy things that we have had to deal with in choosing to live in the neighborhood we do, I often get questions from people wondering why on earth we don’t move. Well, it’s simple, I love our neighborhood, and the fact that it is consistently a front runner for the kinds of trends I see as crucial for greening our city.
Yesterday I talked about the recycling program, and today I’m going to talk about a new concept store that just opened in the Village: Urban Cannibals. From their site:
What is “Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites”?
A neighborhood general store located in East Atlanta opening on December 1st featuring organic, conventional and specialty foods & products (e.g. Tide and Seventh Generation, Crest and Tom’s of Maine), along with artisanal sandwiches, soups, sauces and more. A “gateway” store for consumers who don’t usually have access to or knowledge of sustainable and earth friendly products.

Not only can you shop for eco friendly and local products, but you can order CSA shares weekly, without a subscription:
We are running a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Box Program through March 2010 in partnership with Destiny Organics. … Order by the week, month, or season. … Box contents are e-mailed out every Friday, place your order by the following Tuesday and receive it by the next Friday at the store.
As a bonus, Destiny Organics sends recipe suggestions for the contents and we add either a housemade sauce or spread and baguette or a dessert (your choice) at no additional charge.

You can also pick up freshly prepared boxed dinners (reservation only… follow her on Twitter for menus and availability),

and even have a leisurely Sunday Brunch at their underground brunch club.

The owners have been very active and vocal in my neighborhood, even asking for produce from local Victory Gardeners. While my garden didn’t produce enough this year to sell, it is my ultimate goal to be able to do this in the future. In the meantime, this store is a great place for me to pick up milk from local dairies for my cheese-making experiments…

Here’s their Mission Statement, which should pretty much sum up everything that is awesome about this project:
As a society, the more urbanized we became the less self sufficient we became.Our rural kin built their homes, grew and raised their own food, used water power from local streams and rivers, made (and then mended) their own clothing, repaired their own cars and the list goes on…
As technological advances became the standard conduit for communication, food production and transportation, our reliance on others for service created a disconnect from our neighbors even as our dependence on each other grew. Recently, a renewed sense of community has evolved into a hybrid lifestyle of rural values coupled with urban sensibilities.
The result of this hybrid which we see in urban gardens, neighborhood watches & cleanups, and enthusiastic support for local farms and businesses has, in essence, created urban dwellers who not only feed off each other, but also fuel the growth of their communities by sharing their resources talents and services.

And THIS is why I stay here. Despite the crime headaches, my neighborhood is full of the kinds of proactively thinking people who make me hopeful for the future. From Rebecca and her flock of chickens, to my resident garden and nutrition experts just around the corner, to the fact that I can have enough space to actually have a highly productive garden, I don’t know if I’d want to live anywhere else…


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