something to read when I have more time

Found via the ReadyMade blog, this series from called “Ideas for Cities”.
“Notes from a continuing brainstorm on the future of cities”

Basically people propose an idea, and then it’s discussed. Really good stuff over there, hopefully over the holidays I can sit down for a couple hours and go thru all of the posts.

Right now, this is my favorite: Reclaiming Space and I think my particular neighborhood would benefit greatly from it.

Buildings not kept to code for more than five years could be reclaimed by the city. If they are not structurally sound they would be destroyed, and if they are sound, they are provided to entrepreneurs in the community with a basic stipend for minor repairs and paint.

So much of our business district has basically been held hostage by the Jerk who owns Inman Park Properties. A beautiful old school building rotted over 2 decades, before neighbor’s eyes, former landmarks just melted into the ground, all because this jerk was playing some game no one knew the rules too.

flickr photo by slowfade


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