apartment therapy fall cure, revisited

So you might (or might not…) be wondering whatever became of my participation in the Apartment Therapy Fall Cure.

Well, it’s actually gone rather well, if not entirely on schedule. Some projects that needed to be wrapped up were ones Wayne needed to finish, and due to other factors (like life happening) they just didn’t fit neatly into the 8 week plan. Over the Christmas break, we decided we were going to stay home and work on the Octopus in our living room.
Now, while there are still some lights and receptacles that need connecting, the main part of our whole-house re-wire is now DONE and we were finally able to sheetrock the dining room. It’s in phase 372 of mudding (there were some god-awful joins left to us by the previous owner) but I expect it to actually even have paint by our party Thursday!! People who know me and have been in our house should know this is BIG. The floors can go down once this is done! (altho they won’t happen by party time)
Anyway, we also finally just gave up on finding a potrack for this one cranny in the kitchen and broke down and hung a cabinet in it’s place. The window side is still in progress, and there are little details still to be finished, but I’m so happy with the way it looks so far! Yay for home improvement holidays!!!! Here’s another teaser kitchen photo!

or two:

oh, and best of all, we finally ordered our dishwasher. It has been a VERY Merry Christmas. Oh yes it has.


3 thoughts on “apartment therapy fall cure, revisited

  1. I LOVE your kitchen! It’s so classy and calming and full of pretty clean lines. I love the backsplash and the cabinets and the blue-grey-green color. And the countertops! And the stainless steel! And the BACKSPLASH!

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