Oh! Hello Blog!

Oops! Looks like I sort of fell off the face of the earth there for a few days, doesn’t it?! Well, I guess I sort of did. Happy New Year!
Here’s a totally unstylish bullet point update, I swear I’ll get back into regular blogging this week!
1. You may have heard we threw a party, heck, I think the next county over heard we threw a party. It was awesome, we had over 100 guests, some really great fireworks, our own chef extraordinaire cooking up fries and hot wings, a giant bonfire, and everyone made it home safely!

2. My phone totally died on Christmas, and finally a new phone has been acquired. (I have rejoined the 21st century!) If you called or texted me over the past 10 days, I did not get it, sorry, I swear I was not ignoring you.

3. I managed to come down with some sort of cold/flu thingie on New Year’s Day. I swear I’ve slept more in the past 4 days than I think I normally do in a month, but between that and copious amounts of soup, I’ve almost kicked it.

4. It’s stupidly cold here, and in the category of crap never ending, the pipes next door froze. Yay. There will be a longer post on this issue later.

Despite the little negatives, tho, I feel really great about this new decade and year, and am looking forward to all the opportunities it is going to bring! Lots of little projects are in the works, plus some big changes that I can’t talk about yet. I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, but I am really happy with the direction life has taken me lately and I’m really looking forward to more of the same. If there is anything I’ve vowed to do more of this next year, it is to trust myself and engage more with the odd little opportunities that fall into my lap.

Oh! If you were at our party, photobooth pix are up. If you use one, please credit Bonnie Heath, and remember, she can bring a photobooth to your party for a very reasonable sum!


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