Ok, so I went ahead and finally joined Ravelry. I figure if I use it to track personal projects I might actually finish more of them? lol. Unfortunately someone already had my username (booo!) So I’m LoriInWanderland if you feel like making friends, or whatever it is you do over there…

I’m finishing up a crocheted scarf for myself right now. It’s charcoal alpaca, in a picot arch mesh stitch – extra wide so I can wrap it over my head, and a little dressier than the sewn knit patchwork scarves I’ve been wearing. I can’t decide if I want fringe, but I think I’m leaning to yes, or at least an edge scallop.

Next up I’m going to knit some of the Bella’s Mittens from this site. No, I’m not really a Twilight fan, but I have wanted some extra long mittens to go with all of my 3/4 length sleeve vintage coats. I think I’ll actually add another cable to these so they’ll be a couple inches longer. We’ll see if I can get thru cables without crying this time around…

(loving her blog SubliminalRabbit. Yes, she has bunnies. Bunnies!)


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