I decided I needed a Winter coat.

That statement will sound a little funny to anyone who has ever seen my coat closet, since it’s pretty darn full of things suspiciously resembling coats. My grandmother gave me two precious coats, one cream cashmere from the 50’s complete with fur collar and 3/4 sleeves, and one amazing pink wool plaid cape from the 60’s. I’ve since bought two more vintage coats like the first, in darker colors, and less precious. I also own two biker jackets, one useful leather, and one black velvet model that I’ve had since 1988. My husband hates that coat. Then there’s my Grampa’s way-too-large bomber jacket and a gorgeous grey wool, double breasted full-length coat that I never wear because it is three sizes too large. I need to find a tall girl who wears a size 8 to love that coat.

I dream of a coat similar to a vintage one I used to own, but re-sold because it was a size zero, and alas I am no longer. It was luxurious black wool, fitted, with two rows of buttons to the waist and the cutest round collar. The skirt was a circle, covered in soutache, and the lining, oh the lining… It was a heavenly shade of grey-ish purple satin.

I must re-make this coat. I will remake this coat. I fully intend to have this coat for sale by next fall. I figure if I loved something this much, surely other people will too?

Sort of like this dress, but not quite. I need to get better at making patterns, so this is a challenge I am quite looking forward to!


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