oddities in my fridge

So if you opened my refrigerator, you’d probably think I was nuts. There’s film, packs of vitamins, lots of jars of various preserves (because I have no pantry) and the best of all? My crisper drawer is full of these:

“what on earth ARE those” you ask? Well. I’ll tell you!

As you have probably gathered from any time reading this journal, we bought what most people would have considered a tear-down house, and have been pouring sweat and curse words into it for 4 years now, turning it into something I’m getting to be proud to call home. This has involved copious amounts of painting (and re-painting, every time we complete another project!)
With painting comes a real conundrum; what do you do with your tools when you’re done? Washing your rollers takes a rather staggering amount of water, but throwing them away (even the recycled content ones) is just so wasteful. Instead of doing either, I slip my rollers off of the handle into plastic baggies, which I then label with which room (or kind of paint) they are. Once labeled and rolled up smooshing out all the excess air, they go into my vegetable crisper where they stay useable for YEARS. Any time I need to do a touch-up, I just unroll the baggie, let it warm up a little, and pop it back onto a roller handle.

Combined with all the options for enviro-friendly paints that are coming out, painting is getting a little more guilt-free every day!


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