Concrete Jungle

Another gem discovered via Georgia Organics: Concrete Jungle.

“Concrete Jungle is a volunteer-run, Atlanta-based organization helping to distribute unused food to the hungry. Our organization receives almost all of the food it donates from the hundreds of residential fruit and nut trees growing in the Atlanta area. Most of these trees are untended and ignored, with their bounty being wasted to wildlife while only miles away many poor and homeless struggle to include any fresh produce in their diet.”

(flickr photo from’s photostream)

This is an amazing concept. You can volunteer to pick, donate your leftover gardening bounty, or even by not lifting a finger:

“You don’t have to be a farmer, gardener, or even like the outdoors to help! Feeding a hungry soul requires no money or effort on your part other than simply contacting us about any fruits, nuts, or vegetables you would like us to come pick and donate. Thank you!”

something for every level of commitment here! To find out more, or volunteer, clicky on over HERE!


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