more homeade cleaning supplies: dishwasher soap

You know you’ve been married a while when your husband orders you a dishwasher for Christmas, and you are actually excited!!!
(We had to special order a dishwasher because the only space we were able to carve out for it was 18″, and I didn’t want a portable model.)
So! Now I have one more cleaning supply to learn how to make.

laundry detergent and rinse

I found this particular recipe via Apartment Therapy.

Here’s the condensed instructions of the formula created by Lynn Siprelle of The New Homemaker:

Mix the following ingredients in a plastic container with an airtight lid. You’re going to shake up an assortment of powdery ingredients, and you don’t want to find yourself recreating a disaster from I Love Lucy:

  • 1 cup borax
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup citric acid (Unsweetened Lemonade-Flavored Kool-Aid can be used also, but be sure to avoid any other flavours due to their food dye content)
  • 30 drops a citrus essential oil of your choice

Shake it, but don’t break it. Now you’ve got a mixture you can dole out into your dishwasher, one tablespoon per cleaning agent receptacle in your dishwasher. We personally don’t have a dishwashing machine (though we’d most certainly welcome one the next time we move), but we like Siprelle’s advice to use this powdery cleaning mix in a shaker canister (she recommends a popcorn salt shaker, but we’re thinking more like pizza parlour shaker for our kitchen sink stains).


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