now THIS is recycling…

Ok, so we’ve all see people making crochet and knit objects out of the innards of cassette tapes. While I’ve admired the ingenuity, I have to admit that I never really found the finished products to be very aesthetically pleasing. This company is taking recycled cassette tape to a whole new level!

Not only are these ties real woven fabric and totally wearable, but according to the designer, “the fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it.”

You can see a video of the creative process over here:

Want your own tie? Grab one in their SHOP for 120$. (I know that’s maybe a lot of $$ for a tie, but if you watch the video, you’ll understand why it costs this much. Plus, how unique is this?)

Thanks to the RECYCLART blog for the link.


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