Score another one for Detroit

I’ve written about Detroit before. Whether it’s the miles of abandoned mansions or the groups of artists taking over city blocks, or adventurous souls looking for cheap land for urban farming experiments, I’m admittedly fascinated by this city’s potential re-birth. I truly believe that Detroit is going to come out on top within another generation.
murray mill

Today, I saw another article on the forward-thinking that is going to help this happen. Susan Kramer over at CleanTechnica writes about a new incentive by Michigan’s Governor to move this city once dominated by fossil fuels into the fossil-free future. In all-too-rare example of leadership which actually THINKS about the future of the cities being planned for, the city leaders “recommended 54 climate mitigation policy actions to lower greenhouse gases and achieve a $25 billion net gain in the gross state product.”
According to the article, they would be able to put solar roofs on houses all over the city at a net cost of 6,000 per home, after incentives and federal tax credits. Did you hear that? 6,000$ to take a house mostly off the grid. Amazing.

Check out the entire article over here.


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