Civic Leage of Atlanta

File this under “things I wish I’d seen sooner”, but it sounds like a very promising organization. They’re tackling some very pressing issues, from land use and transportation to water quality and healthcare, trying to come up with solutions that will work for our city’s future.
From their website:

The Civic League for Regional Atlanta is sponsoring a series of Neighborhood Forums across the 10-county region in support of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) Fifty Forward visioning and planning initiative. The Neighborhood Forums are grassroots discussions of what citizens want our region to look like and work like in 2058 (50 years from now). If we want to get to our desired future, we have to start today!

The results of these citizen meetings, which are captured in reports, will be shared with ARC to include in developing a Fifty Forward vision and plans for our Atlanta region’s successful future.

The Neighborhood Forums last approximately two hours. We ask participants to arrive 15 minutes early for check-in and to receive a meeting guide. (Including the check-in, each forum runs from 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

It is important that a broad cross-section of citizens come to these visioning forums. We promise that you’ll find them to be respectful, forward-looking and meaningful. Please join us as we create the Atlanta region of the future!

Questions? Please call or e-mail Joe Winter, project manager for the Neighborhood Forums. You can reach Joe at (678) 386-8187 or

I know I’m a little late in discovering this, and in fact there was a meeting Tuesday night, but you can read summaries of meetings you missed on their website (which I’ll certainly be doing…), as well as find the calendar for future events.


2 thoughts on “Civic Leage of Atlanta

    • The meeting Tuesday was in Gwinnett, but I heard about it day of. The next meeting appears to be some sort of awards ceremony, but I’ll post what the next one after that is.

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