Growing Blueberries in Georgia

Today I bought two blueberry bushes, varieties Alapaha and Brightwell, that I intend to plant along the dividing line between our upper and lower yards. Mostly, this info is here for me, so I can remember what I did, and to keep a record of my success. (optimism!)
The space doesn’t get full sun, but it gets morning through lunchtime sun, and then filtered light the rest of the day. I think that’s good enough. Plus, our soil has a fairly high clay component, and since blueberries don’t mind that, I shouldn’t need to do as much to the existing soil as if I were planting something like tomatoes. (I will be picking up a soil test kit just in case… it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now anyway.)


They need to be planted in compatible pairs for best pollination, which is why I chose these two varieties. Also, according to the tag, these bushes can grow to 8 feet. Be sure you check that little statistic to avoid problems down the road. For example, I almost bought a fig tree that would have eventually grown far larger than the space I had reserved for it. Switching to a different variety solved that problem.

I pulled this info on planting from The Gardner’s Network:
Plant them in the spring. Blueberries grow best is full sun. They need acidic soils with a pH of 4.0 to 4.5. They like clay and other poor or rocky soils. You may need to increase the acidity in your soil to grow healthy bushes. Space blueberry bushes about five to six feet apart. We recommend rows eight to ten feet apart. They will tolerate a little crowding. Mix in healthy amounts of compost and other organic matter. Keep a thick layer of mulch around your blueberry bushes to eliminate weeds, and help keep the soil moist. Water well after planting and in the first few weeks as necessary to promote good root growth.
Now the waiting begins. A new bush will produce fruit in the third year!

My bushes are about 3 feet tall, so I’m hoping I might get some fruit this year, but who knows. Updates to come!!!


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