elegant non-electric humidifier

Check out this amazing Japanese humidifier on Spoon & Tomago.

It works without electricity, the water wicks up into the thin sheets of Cypress and evaporates into the room. Amazing!
I’ve tried to get our humidifier going multiple times in this awful dry cold, but even tea-tree and lavender oil aren’t keeping the water from getting mucky anymore. This one is available only in Japan, with no sign of plans to export it. Darn.

I wonder how hard it would be to make something similar?


4 thoughts on “elegant non-electric humidifier

    • Have you tried it? I’m curious where one would find the wood, there’s nothing like that in our local home improvement stores. I’m guessing a specialty house?

  1. Look for the words veneer or ply.
    They sell at the stores where they sell items for the carpenters. I think that will be so also in USA. I write from Finland and I am a carpenter plus some additional things as well.


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