Shipping container house awesomeness!

Ok, so y’all know I’m already totally fascinated with the idea of building with shipping containers, right? Whether they’re used as simple “cabin” like getaways
container house 3
or as the building blocks for more elaborate homes,
I’m really impressed by all the ways in which people are turning these into such liveable spaces.
urban space management

Well, over on Apartment Therapy, I might have just seen the mother of all shipping container house awesomeness; an entire shipping container village, complete with shops, bars, restaurants, apartments and common areas.

This amazing community is located roughly 2 hours outside of Mexico City. Their website is HERE, but it’s in Spanish and unfortunately I can only read enough Spanish to order a beer and find a bathroom… (I should probably remedy that someday).
Anyway, more photos!


4 thoughts on “Shipping container house awesomeness!

    • A friend and I were talking about them for Haiti, I also thought they’d be a great thing to rebuild with. I think there’s some concern it might be cost prohibitive, but I’m not sure I understand all the details. Will go read your link! Thanks!

  1. That’s so cool! I love that idea. Recycling, rustic, unique, funky colors… it’s so lively and interesting. I’d love to see a village like that pop up in the states!

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