Sustainable Seafood, revisited

One again re-blogging a post from Re-Nest.

Looks like GreenPeace has updated their shopping guide for sustainable seafood selling. (say that 10x fast)

You can download the PDF here to read the entire list and check on stores in your area.

While none of the stores got a “good” rating, several got a “pass”. Among those, one big surprise for me was that Target ranks #4. Go Target. In the uh-oh category, the two places I shop most often both got “fail” grades… Publix and Trader Joe’s both either declined to respond, or outright refused to give information. Hmm. Time for some letter writing!


Liz and I were just at Trader Joe’s and I checked out their seafood section for labels of origin. Some had them, and some didn’t. We noticed they sold wild-caught alaskan salmon, and also that their cooked shrimp was farmed from bangladesh.


2 thoughts on “Sustainable Seafood, revisited

  1. Not to justify Trader Joe’s, but if the scorecard is coming from Greenpeace, that could be a large reason why TJ’s refuses to reply. Greenpeace has been going at it with them for a while. I’ve got nothing for Publix, though.

    I didn’t even know Target sold seafood! Is this only at the Super Targets?

    • I don’t know? I think my target has groceries, but I don’t really shop that section.
      I was really beffudled by the TJs thing. They do have a whole movie on TJ’s seafood, which was pretty harsh. They’re so good in some other ways, this is hard to read.

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