Great resource for eco-friendly fabrics!

Since most of my sewing projects are relatively small, I buy most of my fabrics either at secondhand stores or from the remnant bin. Sometimes, however, I would like to have a larger amount of fabric, either for home decor projects, or just so that I can make multiple items in the same style.
Sourcing eco-friendly fabrics can be difficult, and I’ve usually had to rely on the internet for ordering. Today over on Re-Nest, they’ve made that sourcing a wee bit easier by producing a handy list!

This list is mostly catering to interior design uses, home projects like pillows, curtains, reupholstery, but you never know what you might find.

I was really happy to re-discover the link to FilzFelt. I’d ordered from them eons ago, but managed to lose the link in a computer malfunction. Their felt is amazing! The only downside is it’s shipped from Germany. However, it feels so much better than the eco-spun felt, and wears about a million times better. It’s really excellent for home-dec projects and crafting. (it is mostly too thick for use in clothing, however)


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