When changing yourself = changing the world

Liz and I were having a discussion last night about how disheartening it could sometimes be to live a different lifestyle, and to try and talk about it with others without feeling scorn, dismissal, or even accusations of being holier-than-thou. It’s something I think about quite a bit when I write here, I never want someone else to feel like I’m trying to lay a guilt trip on them.

I feel that part of the problem comes when we choose to label ourselves as something, whether it be “Democrat” or “Soccer Mom” or “Vegan”. Each of those labels conjures up a picture in the mind of the listener(reader?), and that picture tends to focus on what makes the speaker different. For many people, these simple differences can provoke the sort of anger which might be completely baffling to the person on the receiving end of it.

When I see someone very angry (including myself) It’s not that much of a stretch to look a little deeper and see the fear that lies beneath it. It’s so much easier to express anger than to express fear, especially because sometimes we can’t even ourselves articulate what we are so afraid of.

I really liked what this woman had to say about seeing each other as people, outside the boxes we so often get put in. I think she’s grasped a very important part of the solution, whether it’s talking about treehugging, or those “Tea Parties”. (found via NoImpactMan)


2 thoughts on “When changing yourself = changing the world

  1. So, I compost, drive a hybrid, vote republican more often than not (but not exclusively) and I collect armoured/military vehicles.

    What box do I fit in?

    All I can say is why fit in a pre-made box? Build your own.

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