Blood, Sweat and Takeaway

So last week we finally got cable, and as a result I spent entirely too much time gleefully watching Planet Green. One series which has really gotten to me is the Blood, Sweat and _____ series. I’ve seen three episodes of Blood Sweat and Tshirts, but keep missing the rest. Same with Blood Sweat and Takeaway, which is about the true price of food.

These stories were originally filmed for the BBC in 2008. If you don’t get Planet Green, you can check out snippets of both series’ here:
Blood Sweat and Tshirts

Blood Sweat and Takeaway

The short story here is that carbon footprint is not the only story. These videos show a HUGE human fingerprint. As in my flower industry post, where I went into it thinking the worst was the petroleum spent trucking the flowers, I was shown a whole world of miserable working conditions and pittance wages, that actually shocked me with their severity.

I’m really glad that shows like this exist and are helping to raise awareness of what some manufacturers will resort to. I think showing these conditions will help improve lives as more of us say we don’t want to buy clothes made this way.

To make these changes happen more quickly, you can go here and download a letter to use to contact your local officials to support fair trade initiatives.
or check out the Clean Clothes Campaign

Or GreenAmerica’s Retailer Scorecard

You can also check out these sites for sweatshop free clothing:


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