Why I can’t move today:


The wisteria jungle, after 10 hours with clippers and saws… It’s rather depressing, so much more to go. The fence is finally coming down – there are actually three layers of progressively rustier and more destroyed fence in there. 40 years of this stuff growing unchecked and then inaccessible because of the fences… *sigh* I hope that the three trees I freed yesterday survive. There’s an oak and a large pecan I’m also really worried about, I’m hoping it doesn’t take all spring to work my way to them. Several of the trees somehow grew through the fence, and I’m not really sure what to do about them.

I’m waiting to assemble my newest three raised beds until I figure out how all of this is going to change the sun/shade ratio in our yard. I’ve also got to figure out what I can plant along the back property line that will provide some privacy now that the mountain of tangled vines is going away.


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