A little bit random…

This is sort of turning out to be a crazy week around these parts. The nice weather means it’s time to get started on some long-neglected yard work (hello garden planning), and upcoming festival season means finalizing new designs and working out the kinks in some new patterns.

Of course, what would a morning be if I couldn’t take an hour over a good cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs? Notable from this morning’s read:

The NoImpact Project is giving local groups an opportunity to screen Colin’s film on Earth Day! I’m currently sending out feelers to see who might be interested in collaborating on this, even if it winds up being a backyard potluck/cookout situation.
Know anyone who might wanna see the film? Let me know! It doesn’t cost terribly much to bring it here, 25 folks could bring it down to the cost of a large latte…

The other thing noted from this morning is this TED talk from Jaimie Oliver. I might have posted it here before, but with spring gardening season starting shortly, I’m not sure I can talk too much about healthy food!

And, last but not least, I’m on a mission to help a friend bring a community garden to his neighborhood. Also trying to help him figure out how to change the codes in his city to allow backyard hens. More on those two projects later! busybusybusy!!!!

Hope you all are having an absolutely lovely day!


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