Fortune Cookies!

So the Lunar (Chinese) New Year got a little overshadowed by Valentine’s Day in this house, but it certainly hasn’t been forgotten! A few years back, I made some fortune cookies from a recipe in a Martha Stewart magazine, and in searching for it again, I found some even better options.

First! From Martha, but not edible, these felt versions! Ok, these are seriously cute, and might just wind up as inspiration for my next party invites.

Next, I couldn’t find the recipe I used, but I did find a newer version. Not just a newer version… but a chocolate version! Chocolate! mmmmm….
I think I’ll try my hand at these this weekend. I remember it taking a few for me to get the hang of folding them, but even as fortune “blobs”, I bet they’ll still be tasty.

And last but not least, these supercute and simple Paper Fortune Cookies from Screen Prints (found via WhipUp)

These would make really cute gift tags, or random notes to pack in your sweetie’s lunch, don’t you think?


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