Blogging It Forward

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the absolutely lovely SFGirlByBay took on quite a challenge and organized 300 bloggers into a round robin of inspirational posts called BlogItForward.

The posts have been one after another of beauty and positivity and I’ve been really enjoying reading all of them. Yesterday, blogger LivingFresh from Canada posted some gorgeous color inspiration and idea boards, and she’s passed the baton on to me for today.

So, what inspires me?
Bravery, earnestness, stories of adventure and daring, the little moments of an ordinary life captured on film – a real paper photograph.

A wild streak, the unexpected, the sorts of non traditional souls who might have once ridden West in a rickety wagon, or run away to join the circus.
the women

Dancing the hoochie-coochie, bathtub gin, and nights so late they become mornings.

feather dance

grown up play forts

Running barefoot in the lush grass of a cemetery – and knowing the ghosts love you for it.

Overgrowth, wildness, neglect, decay.


The pieces of energy stored in objects that were once either dearly loved, or witnessed great tragedy.


lost in time

A portrait of a beautiful woman, washing to shore in a perfect green bottle.

(photo by tanakawho)

And now, won’t you please tune into the next blogger in line, Lost Bird Found to see what she has to say tomorrow?



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