Friday Foto Follies!!

It’s Friday! (Like I had to tell any of you!) However, not only is it Friday, but it’s the Friday before a weekend when the weatherman swears it’s going to be sunny and in the 60’s ALL WEEKEND LONG!!!!!

So, bring on the disco and the sangria, this weekend is going to be awesome. I’m determined to find somewhere to wear my Valentine’s Day shoes. (yes. My husband bought me shoes instead of flowers. I ❤ him…)

(photo from lolita charm

(flickr user laurasmera)

zooey deschanel

As always, unless otherwise stated, these are on my tumblr and what credit I have is listed there.


2 thoughts on “Friday Foto Follies!!

  1. Hi there! I bet you got the photo of the pink hair and eyelashes off of tumblr? It’s me, would you mind crediting me at my blog, Lolita Charm? Someone took the credit off so this photo keeps popping up without it, so I completely understand. thanks!

    • Yes of course! I did get it off Tumblr (It’s on mine with the place I got it linked, but it isn’t you.)
      Is it ok to leave it up? It’s great! Love the eyelashes =)

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