Locals/ Right to Grow laws

Hey you guys! Georgia House Bill 842 needs you! (this is forwarded from the Chicken Whisperer)

The Georgia Right to Grow Act, or “Chicken Coop” bill will be heard by the FULL Ag and Consumer Affairs Committee this Wednesday, March 10th at 8:00am.

It’s time to stand up for our property rights! This could be the most important piece of legislation to come our way in years regarding the keeping of chickens, goats, and rabbits, as well as growing our own food!

House Bill 842, Georgia’s Right to Grow, or “Chicken Coop” bill will receive its SECOND hearing. This is a FULL committee hearing, and the SECOND step toward getting this bill to the floor of the house, and ultimately, into the hands of the Governor. If passed, this bill would supersede any local law or ordinance that prohibits the keeping of chickens, goats, and rabbits, or having a vegetable garden.

One of the co-sponsors of this bill, State Representative, Bobby Franklin stated, “A good turn out at this hearing would go a long way!” I can’t stress enough how important a large crowd would be at this hearing!

The meeting is at:
Georgia State Capitol
206 Washington St SW
Atlanta GA 30334

I understand that many of you work during the week and can’t attend. If this is the case, then you can call, fax, and e-mail your support to the following State Representatives that sit on the committee.

lee.anderson@house.ga.gov, blackellis@bellsouth.net, jon.burns@house.ga.gov, pat.dooley@house.ga.gov, winfred.dukes@house.ga.gov, carl.epps@house.ga.gov, bharden@planttel.net, michael@voteharden.com, penny.houston@house.ga.gov, lynmore.james@house.ga.gov, kevinlevitas@bellsouth.net, billy.maddox@house.ga.gov, dubose.porter@house.ga.gov, jay.roberts@house.ga.gov, reptonysellier136@msn.com, tommy.smith@house.ga.gov

You can also find YOUR representative by going to the SOS poll locator and entering your address, then call him or her RIGHT THEN and ask them to join Chairman McCall in support of this bill!


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