scrub a dub dub, happiness in my tub

I got a lovely surprise in the mail the other day from Etsy seller MrsJonesSoapbox. She’d read my complaints about my impossible to clean bathtub, and sent me some samples to try. (How sweet!!)

I got some absolutely amazing scrub which smells good enough to eat, and a little bottle of liquid all-purpose cleaner. All of her products use quality, simple ingredients, are completely natural, and smell more like a bath product than a bath cleaner – in other words, heavenly. She also packs them in re-used packaging, like old water bottles. For the scrubs and laundry detergent, which come in sturdier containers, she sells refills so you don’t have to waste a container. I think both of these choices are really kicking it up a notch on the sustainability scale.

So enough about how pretty and lovely smelling they are, I hear you… you want to know how they work. Did my bathtub actually come clean?
Sort of.
First, let me say that the scrub alone easily tackled every other surface I tried it on, with no more effort than your standard stinky, environmentally disastrous major-label product. I didn’t have a headache afterwards, there was no cursing, and I didn’t worry about my cat drinking out of the sink. Perfection!

On the bathtub it mostly worked, but it was still requiring quite a bit of elbow grease. Then, I had a genius idea. See, the label on the liquid cleanser said it tended to work best if you let it sit briefly. So I grabbed an old spray bottle, poured in the cleaner, doused the whole tub, and walked away. Then 20 minutes later, I came back with the scrub, and I might have let out a “hallelujah” so loud the cat jumped off the sofa. Yes, this combo works, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Now, it still requires a little scrubbing, but nothing nearly so onerous as I had been dealing with.

In short, while I know a few of you make your own cleaning supplies, there are a few more of you who don’t have the time, but still want safe, sustainable, quality cleaning tools. For that, I wholeheartedly recommend MrsJonesSoapbox’s products.
She ships quickly in environmentally sensitive packaging, and her prices are better than the standard big-label eco-friendly products sold in stores around here. She’s also 100% up front about what’s in them, and that’s more than I can say for those same big-label choices.


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