Friday Foto Follies

What a weird week this has been. It’s finally starting to warm up a bit, but the spring rains have been coming down in force. Fog and damp reign in the world outside my window, making curling up for a nap oh so tempting…

image credits, when I know them are on my tumblr, where these pix and more live:



2 thoughts on “Friday Foto Follies

  1. These are pretty. I really love the first shot of the “tee pee” room. I like cozy, odd-shaped spaces and a sort of circle would be lovely! The skylight is magnificent! I love me some light-filled rooms.

    Numbers 9 and 11 are cool, too. In 9, I love the bed style and mirror and all the red. And 11 is a depiction of a bed style I used to dream of sleeping in as a child. I think Shirley Temple slept in something similar in the movie “The Little Princess”.

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