Friday Foto Follies

This week’s post is inspired by a reader question about things to do with old pallets. I’m making potato boxes out of mine, but there are so many great ideas out there. Here’s a sampling to inspire Scott and you!
(all photos and their credits are on my tumblr)

ps: here’s instructions for the potato boxes, via re-nest.


2 thoughts on “Friday Foto Follies

  1. Hey Lori, very useful and elegant design uses for pallets. I’ve found them useful (here in the swampy, flood ridden south) to place them in my garage as a place to store boxes, etc. above where my garage flood usually crests. Your posting reminds me somewhat of a wonderful book i’ve had for years… Nomadic furniture. I believe by Victor Papanik. Fiendishly clever. Vance

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