AAARRGHHHH!! Right to Grow Bill Stuck in Committee! HELP!

via the Chicken Whisperer:
Hey Backyard Poultry Buffs,

It looks like Georgia House Bill 842 is stuck in Rules Committee and will DIE until next year unless it passes through the Rules Committee by this Thursday! Pressure from YOU will make them put it on the agenda for a vote!

The HB842 Right to Grow Crops aka “The Chicken Coop Bill” reported favorably by the Ag Committee has NOT been scheduled for a vote. We need to make Rules Committee Chair Rep. Bill Hembree’s home phone ring off the hook. Call and tell him we need to bring HB842 to the floor for a vote. It has to be voted on before crossover day 3/25 or it is dead this year His home phone number is 770-942-1656.

You can contact other Rules Committee members here:

Please make a phone call and send an e-mail. We all need this to pass!

Thank you for your participation.

Chicken Whisperer


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