non-toxic homemade mosquito repellent

So after spending the last couple of days outdoors cleaning up my yard (and subsequently getting eaten alive by the super-vicious mosquitos who thrive in my neighbor’s wisteria) finding this recipe in the Re-Nest blog was a welcome treat! I believe I’ll be making some of this veryvery soon!

Grow Your Own

Not only does catnip work against mosquitoes, but the plant that produces it a great visual addition for a functional yard scape. The plant you need is a perennial herb called Nepeta cataria. If you can’t find it at your local nursery, various online seed companies carry it. There are various recipes online but here is one I’d like to try: Catnip and Rosemary Mosquito Chasing Oil

* 2 cups catnip, stemmed
* 1 cup rosemary, cut in 6-inch sprigs
* 2 cups grapeseed oil or any light body-care oil

Roll herbs lightly with a rolling pin and pack into a clean jar. Cover with oil, seal jar and place in a cool, dark cupboard for two weeks. Shake jar lightly every day or so for two weeks. Strain into a clean jar, seal and refrigerate for up to 8 months unused. To use, rub on exposed skin.

Plant information and Recipe from & created by Ann Lovejoy.


One word of advice… don’t plant the catnip in the ground if you don’t want your cats rolling in it and destroying it…


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