Never knit your boyfriend a sweater.

Unless you read this book??
I’ve knit Wayne scarves and hats, which he wears, and even a pair of slippers (which he didn’t) but I’ve always been superstitious about knitting him a sweater.
However, I saw this review over on WhipUp, and the description alone cracked me up so much I think I might have to grab a copy and get over my fears.

“…Back in college, my roommates and I all kept our socks in a big jumble in a laundry basket and we each wore whichever 2 came out first. The only ones who seemed to notice, or care, were their girlfriends.
And is it any wonder? As children, we were given GRRRRR-Animals to wear, matching clothes by animal tags instead of being taught what colors go together. But there is help. And it’s not sewing pictures of Kangaroos on men’s pants and shirts into their middle age. It’s called knitting smarter for men…”

Or, you could enter a contest to win it, over here!


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