Possum Living

I know many people who are moderately satisfied in their traditional jobs, and possibly more than my fair share of really lucky ones who absolutely love what they do. Different things work for different people, and that’s one thing I love about this world. However, I realized early on that a traditional job wasn’t going to work for me and so I’ve spent most of my life figuring out how to make my own way – how to organize my life so that I can provide for myself most of what I need. Because of that, several friends have commented to me over the years that I seem to know how to live reasonably well on so much less money than anyone they know, and that they really don’t understand how I do it. Those comments are one of the reasons I started the “Year of Living Dangerously” series. Not only do I want to talk about what I’ve learned, but I want to show other people who are figuring out how to do the same for themselves. I would love to see this spread, because with a community of like-minded people working together, living sustainably becomes easier and easier to accomplish.

Along those lines, since this is the week I’m talking about people who inspire me, it seems like as good a time as ever to talk about Dolly Freed and Possum Living. I can’t even remember where I first saw this link, it’s been open on my desktop for weeks waiting for me to get around to sharing it with you, but Dolly Freed is an amazing woman, and i think you should get to know her.
In her own words:
“In 1978, as a cocky 18 year old, I wrote a book about how my dad and I lived a rich and happy life in a middle-class neighborhood with only an occasional part-time job. We gardened, raised rabbits and chickens in the basement, and bought bulk food at a feed and grain store. The book was chock full of ideas for frugal living that worked so well we lived on the equivalent of $5800 a year in current dollars. We joked that if possums could live without a job, so could we, hence the title.”


3 thoughts on “Possum Living

  1. Isn’t that an awesome story? I think I posted it via Twitter several weeks ago, the journalist who wrote the current story is how I found it.

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