Craft Night Project: Gorgeous felt Dahlias!

One of my favorite craft bloggers (Not Martha) put up a tutorial for a mother’s day corsage made from felt. I know it’s a little bit late to be posting something for Mother’s Day, but I also thought these would be spectacular for prom season.

Credit: Megan Reardon

Now, the tutorial is awesome, but what I really found really noteworthy is the section she added on working with various weights and types of felt.

I love that she did this, because different felts are just so… different, and really do have different uses. I’ve learned that the hard way on a couple of projects, and so seeing these flowers in comparison with each other is super helpful!
Sad as it makes me, I’ve had to give up working with the Ecospun felt for apparel projects because frankly, it just doesn’t hold up to washing, it starts looking a bit tatty. What Ecospun IS great for, however, is small craft projects like badges, where you want to be able to layer a lot, without it getting bulky, or projects you don’t think you’ll really ever be washing. Or maybe these flowers…

Anyway! if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cut out a million tiny petals now. I have an event to go to in a couple weeks, and I really think one of these flowers would be perfect to wear with the vintage bathing suit a friend gave me… Sort of like this headband adaptation from Kristen (isn’t this the cutest?!?)

credit: Kristen of Briney Deep Designs

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