Fashion follies.

Now that we finally have a non-leaking roof on our house, one of the things I can do is move my closet into the little dressing area we’ve created between the bedroom and it’s adjoining bath. That’s my big indoor project for the summer – to finally get the part of the house we use the most into some sort of state that doesn’t make me want to cry. You know, the sort of state where I can find both of a pair of shoes without a meltdown. =D
I was super lucky to have brought home two antique dressers and a tall wardrobe from the family house in Michigan, and while they’re totally too big for the space I’m trying to put them, I love them so much I just don’t care.

Anyway, on to the inspiration. Clothes! Closets! More clothes! (and maybe a shoe or two…)

vie dress, design, decor

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via MissWallflower

dutch street fashion

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via the dances of vice flickr pool

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via haute macabre

I really wanted one of these Coilhouse hoodies, but alas, they sold out in like 2 days. *pout*


4 thoughts on “Fashion follies.

  1. ohmygosh!
    that “dances of vice flickr pool” picture is amazing! i want part of that outfit for my wedding :p

  2. The photograph of the young lady on the trunk is just captivating. The jacket, the boots, the battered trunk… it’s a tantalising glimpse of a whole story.

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