Garden progress

We had some unexpected new shade over my garden this year – the result of marauding wisteria taking over another pecan tree. So, my little plants weren’t thriving as much as they should have been for how long they’d been in the ground. We cleared the tree out last weekend and in just 48 hours I’ve seen a nice amount of new growth. Yay! It was also time to invest in some fencing, as apparently 6 cats aren’t enough to keep hungry chipmunks and birds away. Darn birds got about a pint of blueberries already. *pout*

I hung my strawberries on higher posts so they’d get more sun. *ripen*ripen*ripen*

Kohlrabi is getting close to being done, but something nibbled most of it’s leaves. I mixed up another batch of soap/cayenne spray and doused them and my collards. (I actually think Nibbler was eating the collards. Bad cat.) peppers are also starting to form! eee!

Also rigged up some trellis for the beans and cucumbers out of random leftover construction bits and some string. Last year I used tomato cages, and it wasn’t a very good solution. I simply tied some twine to some sticks and pushed those into the ground near the plant’s roots. The other end of the string is attached to either a pvc pipe frame (recycled from when Liz’s pipes froze) or an old fence gate that the bottom had rusted out of.

Then I discovered these guys on my zucchini. Booooo!!! Wiped them off and killed a couple squash beetles while I was at it. It never ends…


One thought on “Garden progress

  1. At least your efforts are showing progress and your garden actually looks like a garden. I have no strawberry looking bits on my plants yet. Or possibly the birdies who have nested between my fence and my neighbor’s fence are getting them before they ripen. I had blossoms; I promise I did!

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