On Cuba

I know Cuba is considered a hot-button topic among politicians, but to be honest, I’ve never really understood our continued embargo of this country. That said, because of the embargo, Cuba has emerged as an incredible learning opportunity for gardeners and anyone interested in becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on oil.
I would love to be able to travel here and see how they are doing it, as well as just to see a place relatively unspoiled by typical modern lifestyles. La Vida Locavore recently took an educational trip over and wrote a very interesting series of posts about it. Day one is over here, and it ends here with a not-so-pleasant trip thru Customs.

In that last post, she notes that there are two bills right now in Congress that would lift many of the restrictions, and allow travel by US citizens. One of them is here.
“To remove obstacles to legal sales of United States agricultural commodities to Cuba and to end travel restrictions on all Americans to Cuba.”

If you are as interested in sustainable culture as I am, maybe have a peck at your CongressCritter and let’s see if we can end this silliness once and for all.


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