In response to yesterday’s horrifying post about GMOs, here’s a slightly more positive message – someone who is fighting the good fight to reverse the biopiracy and destruction Monsanto is causing.
Vandana Shiva is one of my personal heroes. Here is a trailer for the movie Bullshit, which is about her struggle to change things in her homeland. The title comes from her being awarded the “Bullshit Award” for causing mass starvation by promoting organic farming over genetically modified, non-viable monsanto proprietary seed.

More here from a different interview about the future of food. She does an excellent job explaining how Monsanto seeds work, and the true dangers of farmng the Monsanto way.

If you are as frustrated as I am by the state of the foods in your local store, read up on Ms Shiva, and watch some of the videos linked off of the first two. She is incredibly inspirational.


One thought on “Bullshit

  1. Too bad “Bullshit” isn’t offered on netflix. I did find some “Future of food” shorts on Hulu. Some of these issues were discussed in Food, Inc. Monsanto is truly part of the dark force. Thanks for posting Lori!

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