where did all my bees go?

So over the last few days I started noticing something out in my garden. My tomatillos have had flowers for months, but they aren’t fruiting. I got one zucchini, and one tiny yellow squash, but the rest of the flowers are not producing anything. My peppers flowered, but aren’t forming fruit either.
The cucumbers and the beans are going gangbusters, but that’s really about it.

baby pickles!

I could just be impatient, but I swear this time last year I was already swimming in cherry tomatoes. What on earth could be wrong?

One thing I did realize looking around is that a tree that was tiny last year grew to three times it’s size and is cutting off the sun by about 4:30. That tree is coming down this weekend. (don’t worry, it’s nothing nice, it was a volunteer and we have plenty of other trees)
Unfortunately the other thing I noticed doesn’t have such a simple solution.
My bees are gone.

I sat outside for an hour, watching, listening, and not a single bee flew by. Not one. One other thing I noticed is that one of my main bee-attractors out back, my confederate jasmine, isn’t blooming. Normally by now it would be covered in fragrant yellow blooms. The jasmine out front is going crazy; basically, everything in the front yard is going gangbusters, but my main planting area is… stagnating. I wonder what is happenning?

I am hoping no neighbors used pesticides that might have killed them, but beyond that it’s time for me to start making my yard more attractive to bees so that the ones still left will come back and visit me more often.

Poking around my notes from previous garden planning, I’m going to try to improve the situation by picking up some more flowering plants and fragrant herbs. Lavender (currently all mine is in the front yard), some dill, some bee balm, lemon balm and a butterfly bush will go around the raised beds themselves. I’m also going to snag some verbena in hanging baskets (one of my favorite flowers… why didn’t I get any this year?!) and maybe even get a hummingbird feeder.
I’ll update in a few weeks, but I sure hope this helps. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “where did all my bees go?

  1. We may have some bee balm for you, and if a cutting from a butterfly bush will meet your needs, we can probably offer that too.

      • I’ll have to check with the head landscaper. We bought a couple plants last year, and had a ton sprout up this year. We have several that are about 3 feet tall and haven’t even blossomed yet. We moved a few a month or so ago, and they took off very well and are just starting to blossom.

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