Bring Back Home-Ec?

So after a half-joking remark left on Facebook, and then a somewhat more serious discussion with my mother this weekend, I’m seriously contemplating teaching a series of home-ec type classes. Little basic things… replacing a zipper, hemming a skirt, cooking basic meals from scratch, how to make a birthday cake, how to make a budget, how to can tomatoes… basic stuff that no one these days ever really teaches.
Except the modern way, you know: Online.


I don’t really have any details worked out, and I’m still in contemplation/research mode, but I’m putting it out here anyway, because that’s how the universe works. So, ok, Universe, is this a good idea? What do you have to tell me about this?


7 thoughts on “Bring Back Home-Ec?

  1. OMG! I wanna be your pupil! I love crafting and making goods. I made soap from scratch all weekend and putzed in my garden. I am going to have a TON of peppers. Hot ones. Any ideas for recipes or preserving?

    😉 Katy

  2. Here they still teach home ec in middle school (covering preparing food and sewing garments.) I was pretty excited to learn it was required curriculum for all students.

    As an adult learner tho, I’d love to take a class on this as a refresher course!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  3. I would definitely love a course like that. I need to learn how to can, how to replace a zipper, and how to fix a hem. I went into the technology direction and didn’t follow the sewing arena. I can cook and bake, but I can’t sew. I feel so inadequate!

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