gyros – sort of

Now for something a little happier: dinner! With an abundance of cucumbers, dill, and mint in the house, gyros sounded like a pretty great option.

The nice thing about them is there is really no recipe. However, here’s how I made mine:

About 1/3 of a pound of really tender, organic steak went a long way here. ( I like keeping my carnivore happy with the flavor of meat without having to actually feed him very much of it. ) I marinated the sliced steak for a few hours in red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder and a touch of dried dill. To start dinner, slice a small red onion and put 3/4 of it into a hot pan with olive oil and sautee until it’s just starting to get translucent. At this point, add your marinated steak and cook for a couple minutes longer.

While this is cooking, take about a cup of greek yogurt (plain) and stir in a tablespoon of dried dill, plus a few shredded mint leaves.

Slice up a cucumber and shred some more mint, grab your reserved red onion and a bit of feta cheese, heat up a few pitas (I used naan because we had it) and go to town!

I would have gotten a picture of a finished gyro, except husband ran off with them before I could get the camera back out…


One thought on “gyros – sort of

  1. When you aren’t able to post a picture of the finished food product, you know it has to be good! I had the same problem with my green bean recipe the other day.

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

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