Okra Flowers!

They’re so pretty! I’ve never grown Okra before, so this is a big, pleasant surprise.

In other garden news, vine borers are again slowly strangling my zucchini. I want to cry. Stink bugs are sucking the sap out of my cucumber vines. Handpicking them off is the only solution, but the buggers are fast and they fly. I think even my homemade “safe” bug spray was what was driving away my bees. Now that I stopped using it, they are back. I like my bees, but I don’t know what to do about the pests!

This does really put a bit of explanation in the whole bee disappearance thing. I mean, think how many pesticides people are putting on their gardens? Even the supposedly eco-friendly ones will deter bees. This was kind of a sobering realization. Back to the drawing board on keeping away the bugs!


2 thoughts on “Okra Flowers!

  1. For vine borers get an xacto and slice the length of the vine, but just enough to see inside. Find the borer, stab to death. Then cover with a lot of soil. The vine will heal and the borer will be dead.

    • I tried that, but unfortunately they did a lot of damage while we were on vacation, and I don’t know if the plants will recover. I have my fingers crossed tho!

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