A few new things in the shop this week

I was gifted a box of broken and unloved costume jewelry a while back, that and some other amazing found objects have had me in front of the jewelry bench all week reworking the treasures!

They say that when the rats escaped Nimh, they’d grown so smart they could pass as human. Eventually, a few of them might have become human, like in those fairytales about the Selkies. The one thing they need to protect in order to stay in our world is their bones, always wearing them around their necks. To some, this is merely pretty jewelry, if a little morbid. But to those who know the secrets…

Carousel Horses
The littlest horse had a plan. The others told him it was futile to dream of an escape, but he knew that someday the right girl would come along, and her imagination would free his feet from the never ending round-and-round. Together they would gallop away through the streets of Paris, flying at night over the Seine with the Gargoyles.

all in the SHOP


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