Life Sized MouseTrap!

One of the seriously amazing things about going to a Burn is seeing the amazing things that groups of people come up with to bring. From a full-sized Trapeze rig, to a floating bar, to a fire-breathing dragon car that was capable of lighting the effigy, the amazing things that people are able to pull off in these temporary cities is nothing short of inspiring.

Today, I ran across this gem: A life-sized version of the game MouseTrap. Wow.

You can see a little video about it on Wired
And there’s more about it’s appearance here:
“But the real talker of the festival…had to be the life-size version of the old Mousetrap game, created by San Francisco artist Mark Perez. Between sets on the main stage, people crowded around to see if the giant Rube Goldberg machine — an engineering marvel that included a crane, a lot of stairs, a 350-pound cast-iron bathtub and a two-ton safe — would result in the smashing demise of a Toyota.”

So it looks like the MouseTrap is making it’s way East to both the Detroit and the NYC Maker Faires. I would really love to go to one of these, or wouldn’t it be great if one came here?

So days like today when I’m working on a project and get a little stuck, all I have to do is think about these groups of people and what they were able to pull off and it just totally re-inspires me to look at the problem in a new way. It’s a really amazing world we live in, full of some seriously amazing people, isn’t it?


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