More Oil spilling. This time in Michigan.

When I looked at the map late last night, I was especially upset because I thought this was the river my Uncle’s property is on. Re-reading it in daylight, it’s not, but it’s still really upsetting.

Up To 1 Million Gallons of Oil Leak Into Michigan River From Pipeline – Largest in Midwest History
Basically, the pipeline burst, and no one knows why. From a quote about a different pipeline, owned by the same company:
The Enbridge pipeline runs through the Leech Lake Reservation, and there have been several spills outside our town that Enbridge hasn’t been able to clean up. We’re close the Itasca State Park, the headwaters of the Mississippi River, and the oil from these spills has gotten down into one of our two aquifers and contaminated the water in the top aquifer. The oil is still there, the water is still contaminated, and the damage is still being done.

In a not unrelated bit of news, I’m pretty ticked off that our leaders were not able to sit down like rational human beings and discuss Climate and Energy and come up with some solutions.
I wish politics did not play such a role in every detail, no matter how important. We desperately need to move beyond this petty partisanship and bickering and start listening to and talking to each other with respect. We could be so much better than this.


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