Home Made Soda, revisited

So, remember this post from a while back, where I attempted to make home made soda, only to discover that what I really wanted was sparkling water, not soda?
Ok, so well, I pretty much put that recipe out of my mind because I really don’t drink soda. Then I had an upset stomach and went to buy ginger ale. The very next day, while that bottle of ginger ale was still in my fridge, I saw a post on Apartment Therapy about making ginger beer.

(img from Apartment Therapy/TheKitchn)
It led to Crumpets and Cakes, which led me back to this Wiki: where I had the oh-so-obvious realization that I could make ginger ale with that same soda recipe.

So, I bought some ginger and some lemons, and pulled out that yeast I’d been storing, and it’s sitting fermenting on the back porch. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow! Click any of the above links for a variation on the recipe. I used the Wiki one pretty much straight from the site with no alterations.

(aside, I just had to share their photo because as Liz will tell you, I’m always drinking things out of a Mason Jar, and it tickles me to no end that Apt. Therapy posted their recipe in one)


2 thoughts on “Home Made Soda, revisited

  1. Oh, ginger beer! That’s the stronger version of ginger ale I like. If your recipe turns out, would you share how to make it, please?

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