Playing dress-up

Whew. What a week/weekend. Today I’m cleaning house and lounging around in baggy clothes and enjoying every minute of it!

It started last week with the opening of the CEDIA show, where Ana Aesthetic, Sadie Hawkins and I “hostessed” for Autonomic Controls’ booth. I had forgotten exactly how large the World Congress Center is, especially when wearing 5 inch heels. We were supposed to represent 1960’s era “flight attendants”, but in reality, everyone thought we were from the 5th Element. Oh well, it still worked, and the company actually won an industry award for best in show, which was really exciting.

Saturday night I had a go-go dancing job, so that required dress-up of a different sort. On that note, I seriously need some new dancing boots after having to throw away my favorite pair wearing them to clean out my uncle’s house last year.

Then Sunday night was the extra special one-off Dr Sketchy’s event that Melanie from Hotiron Creative put on in conjunction with the client from CEDIA. It was a lot of fun getting to model for one instead of hosting. We had the roof lounge booked, but of course after 6 weeks of drought, Atlanta’s weather decided to turn wet just in time to shut us down. I was a little disappointed in the backup accommodations the Glenn presented us with, but at the end of the day the artists who came out were such good sports that it all worked out.

Here are a couple of preview images from Tony Stewart of Team Artboy: (‘m actually playing a blonde for this one!)


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