Practice makes…

Last week was a pretty rough week around here. Monkey got attacked by an owl and went missing for a few days. He finally limped his way back on Friday with a broken spine and shattered pelvis from being dropped or falling from a pretty high point. He’s going to have to have some surgery to fix a few things, but luckily none of it is life-threatening, and in a couple months, my baby boy will be good as new (minus a tail).

Anyway, for a lot of people I know, the past year has been full of ups and downs and has in general been trying. The way I’ve been coping is by jumping in and learning new things, although that comes with it’s own set of frustrations, lol. My friend Rebecca posted this on her blog today, and while it’s about learning to hoopdance, the lessons are pretty applicable for an awful lot of life’s moments. Thanks Rebecca, for this positive message today. I just know this week is going to be a big turn-around from last and I’m looking forward to finishing some new projects I’ve got in the works.


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