Inspiration, what is it for you?

Every Friday I post a series of images that I find to be inspiring in some way. Some of them reflect ideas for my living space, some a desire for a getaway vacation, some purely for their cuteness, and others because something in them adds to the storyline for the cast of characters who live in my head.

That cast of characters is who I often make my pieces for, and who I write the little stories about.

I have a friend who is what can only be called a professional muse. Songs have been written about her, poetry, even parts for movies. She often says being a muse is just as hard as being the artist, if not harder, but that being the inspiration behind the creation is worth the chaos in her life.

Lately I have been thinking quite a bit about the relationship between inspiration and art and the role of the muse. I wonder how those who are not artists view the same ideas and images.

Does the muse have an important role in the creation of art? Is someone willing to play the role part of the creative process, or just an exhibitionist?



One thought on “Inspiration, what is it for you?

  1. I’m not sure I can answer in less than dissertation length, though I think you covered it pretty well with cuteness as an end versus evoking empathy with the story. The answer varies by situation.

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