So you wanna be in pictures?

As of late, I’ve been getting a little bit restless with one of my side projects. I have this vision of how it should be, but have been frustrated trying to make that vision a reality. It’s one of those projects that has made me miss the creative commons of art school, because frankly, on things like this I work much better with a partner. Luckily, a kindred spirit has appeared on the horizon, and I am finding myself recharged, finally feeling like I can not only make my ideas come to life, but will also see them grow exponentially via collaboration. It’s funny how the universe sends things your way sometimes, isn’t it?

On that note, hey Universe, there’s this great project over here that could use a bit sent it’s way:

As a creative entity InByTheEye is a company I created which focuses on works of a mythic nature – those works being films, writings, plays, and events. I chose this name to remind me of my initial moments of inspiration and hold them tightly as the primary source behind everything I do.

If you are interested in getting involved, or know of a networking/job posting site for actors, please read and share the listings below. Thank you!

1. Seeking stage director/collaborator for unique project. Non-Union. No pay. Familiar with the classics and myths. Stage production based on Alice in Wonderland, with a darker twist. Will go up for one night in January/Feb with two actors playing all roles. Opportunity to develop further. Downtown Atlanta location. — Writer has just relocated to Atlanta from NYC – with experience in the New York theater circle. Not a high budget production first time out. Hope to develop into longer running show. Ability to bring your creative ideas to the table and have them realized. — Please email resume, letter of interest, and questions to Thank you!

2. Seeking actor, male, 30’s, tall, stong, to play multiple roles in new dark fairy tale play going up in Atlanta Jan/Feb for one night. Must be classically trained and able to handle playing more than one role in a show. Good with body and movement. Must be able to lift 100-105 lb actress off the ground. Opportunity to develop this character/s further. Story based on Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist. Please send headshot, resume, and cover letter to
Thank you!


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