These greens are not vegan.

This morning I ran across a very interesting link to a very emotional blog post from a former vegan activist about why she had to give up her vegan lifestyle.


It’s a good read, no matter what your dietary style, and I really empathized with much of her struggle.
I get surprised reactions sometimes when people who have known me for a while see me eating meat, a lot of them thought I was still a vegetarian. Truth is, much like this woman discovered, I figured out several years ago that my body didn’t function well without animal protein on occasion. I spent several years constantly sick and exhausted before I realized that it’s the chemicals in processed foods, and the added hormones and antibiotics that get put into factory farmed eggs and meat and dairy that are the real problem, not the products themselves. Since we bought our house and I started to seriously look into producing as much of our own food as possible, I realized that raising and eating animals didn’t have to be a cruel endeavor. The factory farms have it all wrong, but there is a humane and ethical way to do it.

But I’m rambling… the thing that I really wanted to point out from this article is this quote:
“As a vegan I didn’t like to think about the fact that without animals’ waste products, bones, and blood, farming is literally a zero sum game”

Yes, you can farm with fossil-fuel based fertilizers (for a while, until your soil dies), but the truth is that to responsibly grow all those fields of greens and veggies, you need to utilize animal products. So the reality of it is, nothing is truly vegan, and that’s something that even the most die hard vegan activists seem to be conveniently overlooking.

I guess the thing that bugs me most about any kind of food “lifestyle” is it’s divisiveness, and I hope this woman’s article will open some eyes and maybe help people talk to each other in a more sane voice about how we’re going to face feeding this planet full of people in a truly healthy and sustainable manner.


3 thoughts on “These greens are not vegan.

  1. excellent thoughts, Ms. Lori! it’s hard for me to eat meat b/c i know where it comes from but i honestly like meat. i don’t feel nearly as bad now after reading this from you. 🙂 xx

  2. Wow, that was an emotional read. I think, when we live consciously and give thanks to all that we consume (veggies, fruits, chickens, beef, salmon, etc.) that it becomes a more sacred and integral part of our lives and the whole circle of life. My ex did not want to think where that t-bone steak came from that was sitting on his plate. It infuriated me, because he didn’t appreciate the animal that gave its life so that he could live. There are still things I wouldn’t buy/eat – veal, foie gras – regardless of how good they are. That is one place where not buying reduces demand and maybe will change the production of those products.

    Thanks for sharing this miss!

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